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Keep your good health growing with our April Stay Healthy Challenge

April 14, 2020

Congratulations! We’ve made it through the first quarter of the first year of the new decade, and if you’ve been completing our Get Healthy Challenges, we know you’re feeling healthier.

And now that you’ve achieved a higher level of health, it’s time keep it going! This quarter, we’re moving from Get Healthy to Stay Healthy—and a whole new set of challenges designed to help you keep the good health you have. Click the link to download your printable Stay Healthy Calendar for April, or get the interactive PDF version.

(Want to start at the beginning? You can get previous months’ calendars in our Calendar Archive below.)

And help us catch you staying healthy out there in the world. When you complete a Stay Healthy challenge, post a picture or video of your experience on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account with the hashtag #HancockHealthChallenge. You’ll be entered for a chance to win a $250 Woodhouse Day Spa gift certificate.

Here are the April challenges. Good luck!

Week 1: Make a healthier bedroom.

We’re not going to belabor the point that you probably need at least eight hours’ sleep. Just to say you ought to be spending about a third of your life in the bedroom, so it makes sense to make it healthier.

Week 2: Take your pulse.

Taking your pulse measures your heart rate—always a good thing to know. This week, you’re going to practice taking it and getting in touch with your heart.

Week 3: Plan your menu.

Smart, weekly menu planning can mean more healthful eating, less food waste, and less time spent shopping and preparing meals.

Week 4: Get the garden started.

Gardening is a) fun; b) relaxing; c) a great way to grow delicious food; or d) all of the above. Find the answer for yourself this week.

Have fun with the challenges and keep at them. Show us what you’re up to. And to keep your good health top of mind.

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