Mental Well-Being

Color Yourself Happy

September 4, 2023

Pretty much everyone has a favorite color. Even infants as young as 12 weeks old exhibit color preferences. You might like the way it looks, whether that’s out in the world or in the clothes you wear. Or maybe you just like the way it makes you feel. But did you know that colors can actually influence our mental and physical health?

Color Psychology

Color psychology is the study of how different colors have different effects on your body and your mind. Some might be pretty straightforward—for example, you might already associate the color red with love thanks to Valentine’s Day, but what you might not know is that red also enhances human metabolism and raises your blood pressure.

And red isn’t the only color that can impact you—pretty much every color in the spectrum has a different effect on us in one way or another. Green, for example, slows metabolism and increases our sense of calm. Yellow, when used in moderation, can result in cheerfulness and warmth, but when overused can create frustration and anger. In fact, it’s been proven that people tend to be quicker to anger in yellow rooms, and babies cry more when in a yellow room.

What does this mean for us?

While it can be fun to paint the walls of your house whatever color you like, you might want to consider color psychology before slapping that coat of paint on.

Think about the way you want your home to feel, both for yourself and for the people who come and go. You might be rethinking that yellow nursery now, or maybe you want a pop of green in an otherwise neutral room to invoke a sense of calm. If you’re someone who often works from home, you may want a color in the room that increases focus but also minimizes stress (hint: try blue or orange). 

No matter what you decide, the hues we choose, however simple they may seem, can color our emotions and physical well-being. So next time you’re reaching for a fun home accent piece, or a fresh new can of paint for your living room, think about what kind of environment you want to create. Then choose a color that will spruce up your mood—and not just your walls.