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Beating the Holiday Blues

November 30, 2022
Woman walking alone outside in a heavy coat.

No matter how you celebrate, the holiday season can be a busy one. You’re either preparing your home for out-of-town guests or you’re doing the traveling. Or you’re buying gifts and food, wrapping one and cooking the other, and doing other chores to usher in the holiday season. Trust us, we know how it goes. We’re exhausted just thinking about it all.

We know the holidays can be a stressful time. That’s why we’ve put together these fun stress-relieving tips to help you manage the holiday blues.

Mindful walking

It’s getting a little chilly out, we know, but you can always bundle up and go for a quick yet mindful walk. Practice calming your mind and get out of the house for a little jaunt around the neighborhood.


If the chill has you wanting to avoid the great outdoors, then try some yoga indoors. This great relaxation technique will have you relaxing in no time, and if you’ve got family members running around the house adding to your stress, invite them to join you. Too busy to dedicate time for a full session? Try simple chair yoga to take a load off the easy way.

Set healthy boundaries

If you have family members who like to talk politics a little too passionately at the dinner table, or if you have an in-law or two who send you careening toward that cliff of stress, be sure to set some healthy boundaries with these people. Communicate your comfort levels with them in advance of the holidays so they know what to expect, and be sure to check in with yourself, too.

Take time for you

If the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins to be too much, take some time away from the grindstone and do something that you love. Read a book, work on a fun creative project, or even just take that much-needed nap. Sometimes, to feel your best you just need to take any chance to rest, relax, and recuperate.

Ask for help

Sure, the holidays are all about getting together with loved ones and having a good time, but it takes a lot of effort to make that good time happen, and the weight of it all shouldn’t fall on just your shoulders. Ask family members to pitch in with the cooking, or maybe recruit your kids to help you wrap gifts or set the table. The holidays can be a great time to bond with one another, even through the planning and set-up phase.

We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holidays, but don’t forget to give yourself grace and make sure you aren’t overexerting yourself in pursuit of the perfect holiday. At the end of the day, the only things that matter are you and your loved ones are safe, happy, and together. Happy Holidays from Hancock Health.

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