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Central Indiana’s Apple Orchards Deliver a Healthy Dose of Fun and Nutrition

October 1, 2021

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” This aphorism is particularly true of fresh, local apples picked in season from your favorite orchards. Apples are a common food—yes—but they are also incredibly healthy for you and your family. 

Variety is the spice …

There are many varieties of apples with different flavors and textures, which is why a day at the orchard can be fun and educational. Some apples are great for eating, while others make amazing pies or applesauce. No matter the type, this crunchy fruit is packed with flavonoids as well as pectin, a highly digestible form of fiber.


Apple peels are particularly good for you, too.

Plant chemicals within the peel of an apple can help protect your body against blood vessel and heart damage. They can slow the growth of cancer cells, help control type 2 diabetes, and even contribute to lung health. Make sure to pick apples that are firm and not bruised and wash them well before eating, especially if you’re picking from an orchard that’s not a certified organic one. 

A day at the orchard can get your family outdoors in the fresh air, a healthy dose of movement, and eating a whole heap of this nutritious fruit. Central Indiana is home to a plethora of local orchards, all with different treats and activities for apple lovers. Check out our list below and visit one (or all) of them this season. 

Indiana locations

Tuttle Orchards in Greenfield 

This popular spot has a farm store, café, apple picking, and a pumpkin patch. This year, their apples will be available in their farm store, but you can still stroll around and explore the orchards. Make sure to grab some of their excellent cider and check out their sweets shop!

Stuckey Farm in Sheridan

This cute farm is a great place for making childhood memories. They are celebrating more than 50 years of growing apples in the Midwest. With 37 varieties available from July through October, you may even want to visit twice and find something new both times. Don’t leave without a famous apple cider donut!

Anderson Orchard in Mooresville

This old-fashioned apple orchard has plenty of yummy fruit this season. You can even visit their concession stand for a delightful caramel apple or head over to their Apple Barn for fresh fruits, vegetables, and cider.

Pleasant View Orchard in Fairland 

This 40-acre orchard features more than 20 varieties of apples you can pick yourself. Customers can also shop in the farm store for apple butters, preserves, fresh produce, apple cider, apple cider slushies, and caramel apples. A concession stand is open on weekends and offers delicious hot apple pie cobbler a-la-mode and fried biscuits with apple butter. And if you’re looking for pumpkins, they have those, too!

Beasley’s Orchard in Danville

Beasley’s offers a fall festival with both you-pick apples and pumpkins. You can purchase admission and enjoy a corn maze, hayrides, and even a barnyard bonanza!

Wild’s Apple Farm in Zionsville

This year, Wild’s will not have you-pick apples, but you can still support the farm by calling and purchasing them through the farm store. They are also available at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

With so many options, you may want to visit more than just one orchard this season. Supporting local farms and orchards is a great way to give back to your community. Just remember, you can never have too many apples! Whether you pack them in your kids’ lunches, carry one for a snack, or create a beautiful apple pie, we hope you enjoy the bounty of fall in this juicy, healthy fruit!