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Stay safe in the summer sun with our June Stay Healthy Challenge.

May 28, 2020

June means that summer is in full swing. After several months of social distancing, many of us are ready to enjoy get outside and enjoy the warm, Indiana weather. Welcome to Hancock Health’s Stay Healthy challenges for May, where we’re encouraging you to responsibly enjoy the sunshine, eat healthier snacks, and get help your garden thrive as we begin to ease some of the social distancing guidelines that protected you and your loved ones this spring.

After a spring where many of us were trapped in the house, we can’t blame you for being ready to get outside and enjoy the summer sun. We want to see pictures of you staying healthy out there in the world. When you complete a Stay Healthy challenge, post a picture or video of your experience on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account with the hashtag #HancockHealthChallenge. You’ll be entered for a chance to win a $250 Woodhouse Day Spa gift certificate.

Click the link to download your printable Stay Healthy Calendar for June, or get the interactive PDF version.

Here are the June challenges. Good luck!

Week 1: Help your garden thrive.

In April, we focused on getting the garden ready to go. In May, we encouraged you to plant. Now, it’s time to bring it all home to ensure your vegetable garden reaches its maximum potential, so start weeding and make sure your veggies have ample room to grow.

Week 2: Commit to healthier snacks.

With all of us stuck in the house this spring, we were living, working, home schooling –and everything in between—in close proximity to the pantry and refrigerator. This week, try substituting your favorite packaged food products for some more healthy options: dried fruit, nuts, sliced vegetables, homemade popcorn, or roasted chickpeas.

Week 3: Reorganize your Kitchen

If you’re like us, the kitchen has gotten a little messy and dysfunctional with all the extra time we’ve spent at home the last few months. Reorganizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be painful. Dive into some easy tips on how to make your kitchen work better for you and your family.

Week 4: Enjoy the sun (safely).

As June starts to head into July, we’re entering some of the hottest days of the year in Indiana. While we all want to get outside and enjoy the summer weather, it’s important to protect ourselves. Load up on sunscreen—SPF 30 or above—to make sure your skin doesn’t burn. Wear sunglasses with full UVA and UVB protection to avoid damaging your eyes.

Remember to show us your stuff! And to remind you to stay healthy all month long, download one of our new Stay Healthy Challenge desktop wallpapers.

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