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Your Gym Shoes Are Probably Past Their Prime

March 13, 2020

They still look fine, and with what a gym membership costs, who wants to drop more dollars on shoes? Surely you can get another few months out of your sneakers. And a few more. And so on, until you have an achy ankle that just won’t heal.

Traditional wisdom is to log the miles you put on your running shoes or to replace your gym shoes every six months. But does anyone really keep track? And, depending on how and how often you use them, your shoes may last more or less than six months. Even tracking miles is subject to variations in where you’re running, how your foot strikes the ground, and how much you weigh.

No biggie. Some signs let you know your shoes have outlasted their usefulness.

Take a close look at your shoes, and your feet

Err on the side of new kicks

Of all the ways to hurt yourself during a workout, wouldn’t you just kick yourself (ahem) if you owed an injury to putting off a shoe purchase? Splurge on shoes now so you don’t end up spending your hard-earned cash on a splint—or worse.  Occasional exerciser? We’re talking to you, too. Shoe materials break down even if they spend more time sitting in your gym bag than on the tennis court or elliptical trainer. If you know you’ve had your shoes for a year, invest in a new pair. And then use the heck out of them in honor of your smart thinking.