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Vanquishing Your Varicose Veins

August 7, 2023

As you’ve aged, you may have noticed your veins are beginning to become more visible, particularly on your legs. You may have also noticed some newfound pain, itching, or skin discoloration. While this is a relatively common experience in adults, it can still be uncomfortable to deal with. Luckily, Hancock Health is here to help.

What Are These Veins, Anyway?

Varicose veins—sometimes also called spider veins, if you’re dealing with the smaller, less severe version—are what occurs when veins become twisted and enlarged. They typically occur along the legs, because veins can become easily bunched up and worn down over time from the constant movement of our legs. While it is usually simply cosmetic, sometimes the veins can cause physical pain or other health problems that shouldn’t be ignored. 

If you’re wondering if your veins have become varicose, look for the following signs: 

When painful signs and symptoms of varicose veins occur, they might include:

So, How Can I Treat Them?

Thankfully, there are plenty of at-home remedies to try treating your varicose veins. If you find yourself struggling with symptoms, give compression stockings a try. The pressure on your legs will help blood flow more efficiently throughout your body and will ease the appearance and painful symptoms of the veins. 

You can also try raising or lifting your legs while you’re sitting down to avoid blood pooling in your veins and worsening the swelling or the appearance of the veins. Frequent exercise is also a great way to help treat varicose veins, as it helps ease the pain and keeps them from getting worse. Exercises such as simple cardio workouts or even yoga are great places to begin. 

If your symptoms are beyond what simple self-care measures can treat, consider talking to your doctor. Your provider will be able to use non-invasive methods such as an ultrasound to inspect the veins that may be varicose, and will help guide you through treatment options.

Whether your reasons for treating your varicose veins are based around cosmetic concerns or you’re wrestling with larger health concerns, Hancock Health is here to help you find a solution.