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Having Trouble Getting in the Mood for Exercise?

October 7, 2022

You’re warm and cozy in your bed. Or you’re tired from a long day at work. Or you’re way too busy this week running the parent taxi. Or the weather outside is frightful and you just don’t want to leave the house. There are so many reasons not  to work out, right?

We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, a lack of motivation can easily derail the progress we’ve made in our fitness journey. Although it’s okay to take some time off from working out, especially if you are sick or going through a tough time, it’s important to get back into your routine as soon as possible. After all, moving your body will only help you feel more energized.

But how do you get off the couch?

If you’re having trouble getting motivated to go to the gym or attend your online fitness classes, there are plenty of ways to find your spark again:

Phone a friend. 

Everything’s better with a friend, and workouts are no different. If you feel yourself lacking motivation, find a buddy to exercise with you. Not only will socialization encourage you to attend your sweat sessions, but you’ll also be able to challenge each other to reach new heights in your fitness goals. Walking, weightlifting, and group classes are all more fun with a friend by your side.

Use your earbuds.

Music is a consistent motivating factor for any workout. The key is to find music that pumps you up pre-workout when you need some energy, or calms you down when it is time to stretch afterward. Everyone likes different music when they work out. Fortunately, online streaming services put a wide variety of tunes–plus ready-made playlists–at your fingertips. If you subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify, just search for “workout” under playlists and pick the one that gets you moving. Consider this your warning, though: you may be caught dancing through your exercise session. 

Do something new.

Any veteran fitness guru will tell you that they’ve dabbled in many different styles of exercise over the years. If you feel like you’re dragging yourself to the gym for the 100th round of swimming half a mile, then try something new. Water fitness classes are a great way to mix up your workout if you are pool bound. If you’re a landlubber, Zumba, Tabata, Pilates, cycling and more are at your fingertips at the Hancock Wellness Centers. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon something you love that makes your workout enjoyable!

Shorten the length.

If it’s a time crunch you feel, shortening your workout or opting for something more consolidated is a great option. Strength training and cardio combine forces in HIIT workouts to give you maximum results in a shorter amount of time. Not only that, but you can also create your own HIIT or circuits to target the muscle groups you want, while toning the body and burning more calories than a long run on the treadmill. 

Take a breather.

Sometimes, when we are feeling no motivation, we may be suffering from exhaustion. If that’s the case for you, it may be time to incorporate something gentler into your routine. Our bodies can only do so much high intensity exercise before they beg for a break. Yoga is a great method for increasing your flexibility and strength in a relaxing atmosphere. You will even learn stress reduction techniques that may help you in your daily life. Walking in nature or taking a bike ride with your family are other, easier forms of exercise that still help you to get your daily dose of movement.

If you are feeling a bit “blah,” know that you aren’t alone. Many people hit a wall, but there are many ways to get over the obstacles that come with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Come and join the fun at the Hancock Wellness Centers and breathe new life into your fitness routine.

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