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Best Digital Scales to Support Your Weight Loss

August 19, 2022

Some of us may have a skewed relationship with the idea of a scale. The thought of weighing yourself can seem scary, especially if you have struggled to maintain a healthy weight for a good portion of your life. Instead of appearing as a simple number that can help you on the road to good health, it can get wrapped up in the shadows of self-esteem and body image issues. 

So, when you think about purchasing a digital scale to help you on your fitness or weight loss journey, it can feel like so much more than just getting another bathroom appliance. The good news? Scales aren’t what they used to be. Instead of only offering a number, today’s digital scales have a multitude of capabilities to make sure you are on track to living your best, healthiest life, without the fear of judging your health based on only the weight of your body. 

Scales for the win

Today’s scales not only help you to determine your weight loss, but they can offer you a glimpse into your overall health as well. Muscle mass, bone mass, body mass index (BMI) and even body water percentage can be shown with just the click of a button. And like most things that tickle our digitally savvy taste buds, many scales can now sync with your smartphone so you can track results over time and get a clearer picture of your health. 

How to choose a scale

When searching for the perfect scale, it is important to know if you want one that shows you more than just your weight, also called a smart scale. By understanding your BMI, muscle mass, and other facts about your body, you will be able to grasp a larger picture of your overall health. However, this isn’t a feature for everyone, and some may be just fine with simply understanding their weight gain or loss. Furthermore, make sure that the scale you choose can accommodate your weight and your pocketbook before purchasing. 

A word of caution…

Even though the following scales are tricked out to the max, it isn’t a stand-in for a trained and knowledgeable physician. To truly live your healthiest lifestyle, tracking your progress combined with guidance from your health care practitioner is the best way to go. Furthermore, if you find yourself feeling obsessed about the numbers you are seeing on your new scale, it may be wise to take a few days off per week, so you don’t harbor the temptation to completely identify your health and how you feel with the results you get from your new digital friend. 

Now onto the weighty stuff

We snooped around to find (in our opinion) the best scales. There are so many options out there that it can be difficult to choose, so if you don’t find what you are looking for on this list, you may be able to consult your physician, a registered dietician, or another wellness professional. 

Most popular smart scale. 

The most popular smart scale on Amazon, with consistently high ratings, is the Withings Body+ Scale. For $99, it is compatible with multiple apps and smart accessories. Using Wi-Fi, it can help you to determine and track not only your weight but also your muscle mass, body fat and body water percentage. 

Most affordable smart scale.

You may not be ready to drop a ton of hard-earned cash on a scale. In that case, we recommend the RENPHO Body Fat Smart BMI Scale for a whopping $27 on Amazon. It measures and keeps track of body mass, BMI, body fat, body water percentage, muscle mass and more. You can chart your stats over time using the RENPHO app.

Best simple digital scale

Want to simply know your weight and not worry about the other stuff? The 7506 Digital Scale from Taylor Precision Products can give you an accurate reading without all the fuss. It will even alert you when the battery is low. 

Whether you are in the market for something fancy or something simple, a scale can help you hit the mark on your wellness journey. Give one of these a try and see how it changes the way you think about the dreaded scale. 

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