Healthy Relationships

10 Reasons Why Love Is Lovely . . . and Healthy

January 26, 2021

Love. This time of year, when Valentine’s Day cards are piled on store shelves, we see the commercialization of this simple yet meaningful word. But when all the pink glitter and candy hearts fall away, though, what’s left? Love is not only the inspiration for millennia of poets and artists but, as it turns out, the key to your heart is also the key to a healthy and happy life.

Love has a positive impact on every dimension of human health. From the start, we are wired to seek out loving relationships. Whether that means friends, family, or a lover, it’s all made of the same potent stuff that can help us live a happier and more fulfilling existence. You may not need to be convinced of the benefits of love, but we rounded up a list anyway. Let it serve as a reminder to spread more of this good stuff around our community.

Love is important not just because it saturates so much of what we see in the media but because it has impactful physical and emotional benefits that keep us happy and healthy for a lifetime. Humans are wired for connection, and loving relationships are where we receive the greatest benefit. We know that the COVID-19 outbreak has been difficult, as we are more isolated from those we love than ever before. But take heart in knowing that this time will end, and we will once again be reunited. We can’t wait to see all of the love bloom!