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The Loveliest Valentines Are Made By Hand

February 7, 2022

Valentine’s Day is all about giving from the heart. What better way to show someone you really care than with a handmade card or treat? Kids love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends and classmates, so this year, why not inject some crafty creativity into your holiday? Here’s a slew of ideas for you, and if these don’t cut it, help your kids come up with their own designs to wow their family and friends!

My heart pops for you

This adorable craft is fun because you can customize it in so many ways. Simply pop some popcorn, kettle corn, or even purchase a bag of caramel corn and divide it among goody bags or containers. Use this link to print out an adorable label that reads “My Heart Pops for You” or make your own using craft supplies. If your kid loves puns, there are plenty of other candies you can use for this same project, such as Lifesavers or Goldfish. Kids will giggle when they give a valentine that says “Your Friendship Is a Lifesaver” or “I’m Hooked on You.”

For the younger crowd

If you have a preschooler, Valentine’s Day is a great time to put their broken crayons to use. All you need are heart-shaped silicone molds of any size. Simply peel and break apart a bunch of crayons of different colors (This is a great job for any preschooler.) and toss them into your molds. Mix the colors. Place the molds into a warm oven (about 200°F) until the crayons are thoroughly melted. Then, remove them from the oven (Note: Be careful of the hot wax.) and let them cool. Once they’re cool to the touch, pop out the colorful hearts for a beautiful Valentine’s Day party gift! You can attach them to your cards, add them to a goody bag, or simply let kids choose their favorite one from a bowl. 


If your child loves to make jewelry, put their passion into action for a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you use beads, embroidery floss, or other fun jewelry-making supplies, kids love to get a handmade bracelet or necklace to wear. You can even use clay to bake handmade charms in the shapes of animals, hearts, or letters. Just be sure you have some good packaging to protect them on the way to school!

When all else fails, stick to the basics

If your child is into cutting and pasting, why not just stick to the good old-fashioned valentines made of construction paper? Bling them up a level with doilies, lace, washi tape, glitter, candy, and other fun accessories for decorating. For something less traditional, try origami or creating a pop-up card for some extra fun! The great thing about this project is that your children can really put their hearts into it and participate in every step. 

Giving a valentine is just more fun when you have worked hard to make it just right for a friend or classmate. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is a great time to get creative and teach our kids about the heart that goes into making something by hand.