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Women’s Health: We See the Whole You

February 28, 2024

At Hancock Health, we believe every patient deserves  a say in their health care,  and your health involves more than just reproductive care. We see the whole picture of you, listening to your needs and giving you exactly the treatment you’re looking for. Although women are frequently their households’ key decision makers—and face an incredible amount of health risks compared to men—their opinions are often not properly heard.

We spoke to several female practitioners at Hancock Health to hear about their experiences as women in medicine—and to ask them how women can advocate for themselves in a healthcare setting.

Dr. Molly Strong, MD MPH

Dr. Strong has been caring for women at Hancock Health for seven years and, in that time, she has provided services such as obstetrics, gynecology, and wellness exams. 

“I meet with women of all ages to discuss their health goals, pregnancy plans, and hormone concerns,” said Dr. Strong. “I also perform surgeries like hysterectomies and help moms deliver new babies.” 

Dr. Strong’s advice for women seeking health care is to ask plenty of questions and keep pushing for answers. 

“Asking questions is the best way to get the answers you need,” said Dr. Strong. “If a doctor says something that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t address your needs, then keep asking questions. Every woman has her own health goals. I start by listening and finding out what is most important to the patient. 

“Hancock Health is expanding to provide services at more locations to make health care more accessible for women,” Dr. Strong added. “We are also working to make communication with your doctor easier through our online portal.” 

Danae Young, NP

Danae Young, a nurse practitioner in Women’s Health, has been working with Hancock Health since September of 2007. And, in that time, she’s seen plenty. 

“I see a variety of women throughout the day, for both obstetric and gynecologic needs,” said Young. “Every patient I see has a unique perspective and individualized needs.” 

Young is no stranger to being on the receiving end of women’s health care, and understands just how vital it is for a woman to have their voice heard. 

“As a woman, I’ve had the benefit of being on the other end of the exam table,” said Young. “Knowing how stressful, scary, and uncomfortable that can be has allowed me to have a lot of empathy for my patients. I encourage them to ask questions and become active participants in their health care.” 

Young also mentioned how writing down questions and thoughts between visits can help ease some of the stress and anxiety during appointments. 

“It’s very overwhelming to be in an unfamiliar environment and experiencing those nerves,” said Young. “By writing things down beforehand, you can remember all the things you want to address. I want to know each patient as an individual. I want to know what their health goals are and how I can help them get there.” 

Young added that women’s health for the people of East Central Indiana is improving every day thanks to new services offered by Hancock Health, including new neonatal nurse practitioners, higher-level special care nurseries, and a low-cost women’s clinic for common cancer screenings. 

And if you’re worried about making time for those vital appointments, Young has plenty of advice. 

“You are loved and you are needed,” said Young. “This means taking care of yourself. Seeing a provider yearly offers an opportunity to seek out recommended screenings while also discussing questions or concerns that you may have.”

To schedule an appointment with Hancock Health’s women’s health department, call 317-477-6500.

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