Cancer Care

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, you want a team of experts at your side. Our cancer program is nationally accredited by the Commission on Cancer. As a Mayo Clinic Care Network member, our doctors can consult with the world leader in medicine on diagnosis or treatment.

Hancock Health doctor and nurse talking to a male patient in an exam room

Mayo Clinic gives us experts for our experts.

Being a Mayo Clinic Care Network member gives Hancock Health access to the knowledge and resources of the world leader in medicine, and lets our skilled oncologists consult with Mayo Clinic specialists on diagnosis and treatment whenever necessary.


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Steve Long, Jamie Bell, Blood Clot Awareness
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Patient Stories: Blood Clots

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Staving off Stomach Woes When Treating Cancer

Cancer can often mean a more sensitive stomach. Here are some nutrition…

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Healthcare Tips

Cervical Cancer by the Numbers

How much do you know about cervical cancer? January is Cervical Cancer…

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