Meet Hancock Imaging McCordsville

November 13, 2023

Together, Hancock Imaging McCordsville’s staff have nearly 90 years of experience! If you need a CT scan, MRI scan, mammogram or an X-ray,  know that you’ll be in excellent hands with Wendy, Jennifer, Kayla or Jessicah.

Get to Know the Hancock Imaging McCordsville Staff.

Read on to learn more about our imaging staff at Hancock Imaging McCordsville, and what they love to do.

How long have you been with Hancock Health?

Wendy Pennington (WP): 26 years

Jennifer McClain (JM): I have been with Hancock Health for 11 years as an Ultrasound Technologist.

Kayla Pfafman (KP): 3 years

Jessicah Fruits (JF): 23 years and counting! 

How many years have you been in the industry?

WP: 35 years

JM: I have been working in Diagnostic Imaging for 17 years.

KP: 12 years

JF: 24 years

At Hancock Imaging McCordsville I help patients…

WP: by treating them as family.

JM: I am careful how I approach patients and their questions or concerns. I always ensure my patients’ needs are met and they leave feeling comfortable with the care they received. Our patients are like family at Hancock Health McCordsville.

KP: by making them feel welcome and comfortable like they are a family member of mine.

JF: by being compassionate about the care I’m providing and treating everyone with kindness.

My favorite Hancock Health project/event that I’ve been a part of is:

WP: Volunteering at the Women Helping Women dinner. It is a wonderful event to help with while at the same time spending time with my fellow mammographers.

JM: I organized a Jump Fit program at the wellness center in McCordsville. Several kids participated from the Jungle Club, while their parents were able to enjoy the Wellness Center. It was fun, and a good way to connect with people in other areas of Hancock Health.

KP: I love the Feast of Plenty and our Christmas families. I think it’s such an important and magical time of year that everyone should be able to celebrate. I’m just so impressed with our department and how we go above and beyond to make the holidays special for others. 

JF: The establishment of the McCordsville Imaging Center. I aided in the design of the rooms and the selection of equipment needed. I traveled all around Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, marketing our services and new location to providers of all specialties. It was an exciting time and a fulfilling endeavor.  

Favorite thing about working for Hancock Health?

WP: Hancock Health cares about their employees.

JM: My favorite [thing] is working with my team in the Imaging Department. I look forward to being in a place that continually demands excellence while still allowing a fun, healthy and positive work environment.

KP: It is such a positive work environment [and] that we are all devoted to helping our community. I’m really proud to be a small part of this team that really strives for excellence. 

JF: The camaraderie and trust amongst my co-workers at McCordsville. I’ve been working with some of them for over a decade! It’s like working with family.  

What is your favorite part of your specific job?

WP: As a mammographer I absolutely love the opportunity to get to know my patients on a more personal level.

JM: As an Ultrasound Technologist, I am able to work closely with my patients.  I have the opportunity to build a rapport with them, providing them with support and reassurance during a potentially difficult time. It is a rewarding profession.

KP: My favorite part is having the ability to really connect and get to know our patients. We are able to take our time and we have very loyal patients, getting to see them each year is really rewarding. 

JF: I love meeting new patients but especially love caring for my recurring ones. Some of my patients I’ve seen year after year since 2011.  It’s wonderful to have such great relationships with people I’ve been able to help. 

What’s your favorite way to kick off a work week?

WP: Number one is coffee and knowing I’m blessed to have a career I have really grown to love.

JM: Our imaging team works together and meets usually with a cup of coffee and goes over the schedule to ensure everything is ready for the day.

KP: First with a strong cup of coffee. Then looking ahead at our day, and then our week to be as prepared as possible for our patients. 

JF: I like to start any Monday morning with coffee (we’re all big coffee drinkers here) and chat briefly about everyone’s weekend and go over any issues that might come up.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

WP: Spending time with my family.

JM:  My family, traveling to new places, and watching my girls play soccer all over the country.

KP: I enjoy my family – a big part of me joining the Hancock Health team was relocating to be closer to my sister and her family. We all love to get our kids together and watch them have fun. My husband and I also really enjoy golfing on any nice day we can. 

JF: Traveling and boating with friends and family. I also ride my Surron with my sons and husband on trails all over Fishers. 

Many thanks to Wendy, Jennifer, Kayla and Jessicah for letting us get to know them a bit more, and for using their fantastic skills to serve Hancock County and the surrounding community. If you find yourself with imaging needs, Hancock Imaging McCordsville is here to serve you on your way to better health.

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