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What’s Your Morning Routine?

January 19, 2023

Making the most of your new year means getting into habits that will carry you through. One of the best things you can do for your health and well-being is establishing a morning routine. Even if you aren’t a person who thrives on a schedule, having a set routine that you can count on helps you to feel balanced and grounded, no matter what life throws your way.

Avoid decision fatigue first thing in the morning

Upon waking, many of us launch right into to-do lists and worries, our phones, or getting ourselves and our kids out the door on time. From the start, then, we are asked to make a plethora of decisions, and this may happen before our feet even have time to nestle into our slippers. Establishing a morning routine can be a protective shield around these stresses and the decision-making that will inevitably find your during your day. Not only does this mean you will feel more relaxed in the morning, but you will also stop wasting so much time trying to figure out what needs to be done each day.

What exactly does it mean to have a morning routine?

Adopting a routine of any kind means you will be doing the same things in the same order almost every day. There does need to be some flexibility, and having a routine can help you to learn where the give and take lie in your life. There are many benefits to this way of doing things, including:

Strategize to create your perfect morning routine

Creating a routine that suits your needs and fits into your time will take strategizing (and maybe even waking up a little earlier). Instead of hitting the snooze button, see if you can find a time to wake up that gives you a chance to commit to a 30–90-minute morning routine. Some people will need (and can afford) more, but the point is to do what you can with the time you have. Don’t stress about how long you are spending preparing mentally and physically for your day.

After you decide approximately what time your morning routine will take place, you are ready to fill it with things that nourish you. For some, this may mean waking up, moving their body through some gentle yoga, and sitting quietly with tea and an inspirational book. For others, it could mean taking a walk outdoors with the dog or heading to the gym. Meditating, taking time to prepare a healthy breakfast, and reviewing your day ahead can be other ways to engage with your morning routine. Creating a morning routine is a great way to home in on what healthy habits make you feel ready to start your day.

Be consistent to make it a routine

You can’t have a routine without consistency, so making sure that you are turning your morning time into a habit is an important part of success. It may help you to plan the night before, by packing lunches or other meals, laying out clothes, etc. One big key to remember, though, is flexibility. You know your routine will sometimes get pushed off the rails. Illness, a vacation, or last-minute needs of your family or friends may have you forgoing your quiet morning once in a while. It is important, during these times, to remember your consistency and jump right back into your routine as soon as possible. 

Morning routines are a great way to focus your energy, stop yourself from wasting time with emails or social media before you have your first cup of coffee, and can create a beautiful way to begin your day. Keep it personalized to your needs and remember to be consistent when establishing any type of new healthy lifestyle habit!

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