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Finish Off the Year Strong

November 29, 2022

When you hear the word strength, as it pertains to being physically strong, what do you think of? If it’s a body-building champion, then it’s time to change your perspective. Strength is important, yes, but it isn’t only visible in cut muscles. If you want to have great posture, get more comfortable in your body, and feel strong, working to stabilize your core and the surrounding muscles will be your key task. 

Why strength is important

Strength helps us keep our bodies straight, perform daily tasks without tiring, and lift heavy things, but it matters where our strength lies. If you have strong arms but your core is weak, you will likely be more prone to injury. The same is true if you have plenty of lower body strength but lack any in your upper body. 

Your goal, then, is to create overall strength throughout your body. While cardio is a great workout for your heart and respiratory system,you’ll need to incorporate plenty of strength training if you want to finish out your year stronger than ever.

Building muscle doesn’t need to be hard

If you are already into a strength training routine, then you know that building muscle doesn’t need to be difficult (unless you feel like challenging yourself). Some workouts make it easy to get in shape, tone the body and become a fat-burning machine. Pilates and yoga are both gentle exercises that lend themselves well to strength training. These can be done even if you feel like a beginner. CrossFit is another popular option for those who want to challenge themselves and build strength without getting sucked into the same old boring routine day after day. 

Hancock Wellness Centers make it easy to get strong with a variety of group classes. Not only do they offer Pilates, yoga and CrossFit, but they also have strength training classes that take place on both land and water, such as Aqua Tabata, Barre, Cardio Sculpt, H.I.I.T, and more. 

Target muscle groups that help your core strength

A strong core means better posture, less chance for injury of the spine (and other joints, muscles and ligaments) and a more pain-free life. The muscles that make up this area are responsible for providing stability to both the spine and pelvis. Therefore, it is important to consider your core and proper positioning when you are strength training. But when we say “core,” we don’t simply mean your abdominal muscles. 

Many of us are taught to believe that our abs make up the entirety of the core of our bodies, but that is a bit of a myth. Many muscles contribute to the strength of this region, including glutes, thigh muscles, abs, back muscles, and even your pelvic floor. Incorporating compound movements into your fitness routine—such as squats and lunges, balancing, bicycles, shoulder presses, mountain climbers, planks and more—will help you to work the whole body while toning and strengthening all these important parts of your core. 

Signs you need to strengthen your core

People may not realize there are a variety of reasons to focus more on core strength, such as:

If you experience any of these issues, it may be a good idea to start targeting your core muscles as you get your daily dose of exercise. Remember to always get the green light from your doctor before beginning any exercise program!