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Celebrating World Prematurity Day at Hancock Health

October 25, 2022

The World Health Organization estimates nearly 15 million babies are born significantly early each year. That’s about 1 in 10 babies. While many are born early, only babies born before 37 weeks are considered premature. Luckily, Hancock Health is here for you if your child makes their grand entrance unexpectedly early.

Our neonatal nurseries are here for you

When you trust Hancock Health with your pregnancy and birth, your little one will be safe and secure in the hands of our trained medical professionals—who, thanks to a recent partnership with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, now have access to the extra skill and knowledge held by the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital staff. 

The partnership has created a Level II Special Care Nursery, specially equipped for moderately ill infants and those born as early as 32 weeks. Besides having Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital neonatal nurse practitioners on-site, Hancock Health now has 24/7 access to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital resources, including virtual visits with their neonatologists. 

Hancock Regional Hospital is one of the safest hospitals in the country. Now, with the additional care and resources of the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, you can rest assured knowing you and your baby will be receiving the best quality care from the greatest professionals in the state. 

If your baby is premature, know you’re not alone. Whether your child is facing low birth weight due to prematurity, or another complication, our professionals at Hancock Health have you covered. It’s just one more way how we’re making health possible—even for our tiniest patients.

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We partner with Peyton Manning Children's Hospital to provide elite neonatal care.