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What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens: How Neonatal Nurses Help Premature Infants

August 1, 2022

Being a new parent can be scary—even more so when your little bundle of joy arrives sooner than expected, or with complications. That’s where neonatal nurses come in. Neonatal nurses are experts in newborn care, particularly newborns who are born premature or with health complications. 

So, what can you expect when you aren’t expecting your baby and they come anyway? Read on to find out. 

When will you need a neonatal nurse?

If your baby has a low birth weight, is born premature, or has a complication such as heart or lung problems, birth defects, infection, or any number of other issues, a neonatal nurse will be involved in your care. Typically, neonatal refers to the first month of a child’s life, but sometimes the care can expand for months or even years, depending on the long-term effects of the problem. 

Don’t let the fear of complications scare you: Neonatal care has advanced tremendously in recent history. The National Association of Neonatal Nurses reports that 40,000 infants with low birth weights are born annually in the United States, and survival rates are ten times better than they were fifteen years ago. 

What Hancock Health is doing for neonatal patients.

Thanks to our partnership with the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, Hancock Health has access to some of the state’s leading neonatal care facilities. We’re connected with PMCH resources and staff 24/7, whether that means on-site neonatal staff or virtual visits with the hospital’s neonatologists. Hancock Health also has a Level II Special Care Nursery, which is designed for babies born as early as 32 weeks. 

As one of the safest hospitals in the country, Hancock Regional Hospital has always been a great place to deliver your baby. Now, with the additional resources of the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, you can rest assured knowing your baby will be receiving care from some of the best professionals in the state.

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