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Autumn Sandwiches and Wraps That Are Good To Go

September 28, 2022

You may not think about picnics during the cool autumn weather, but having a few meals up your sleeve that can be taken on the go is always a good thing. This is especially true during the season of tailgating and school lunches, as well as other activities that busy families participate in during the fall season. 

This year, make sure to think outside of the peanut butter and jelly jars. Try out some of these super tasty recipes that are not only packed with flavor but handy to throw into a lunchbox or picnic basket any time of the year!

For the meat lovers

Garlic Yogurt Chicken Salad with Sundried Tomato Pesto — If this one sounds too good to be true, no worries, our taste buds thought so, too. The best part, however, isn’t just the flavor. The ciabatta bread does a great job of keeping this sandwich from getting soggy. 

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches — These mouthwatering little sliders are surprisingly easy and quick to make, especially if you have an instant pot. 

The Ultimate Three-Meat Picnic Sandwich — Don’t get us wrong, we know this one doesn’t require a recipe necessarily. But if you like to have some dressing on your sandwich, make sure to follow the directions and apply liberally. If you want it to stay put for longer, make sure to include those fancy little toothpicks to up your picnic game.
Easy BLT Wraps — Want to take all the goodness of a BLT on the road? Just wrap it up! Best of all, you can customize it in any way you want, adding fun mix-ins like sriracha, deli meat, eggs, and even avocado.

To up your veggie game

Looking for some more healthy or vegetarian options? We’ve got you.

Hummus Collard Wraps — Did you know that collard greens (or any other large green for that matter) make the perfect little wrap and roll for a delicious sandwich? Add some extra veggies into this one and top with hummus for protein and you have yourself a little packet of healthy vibrance just waiting to hit your taste buds. 

Veggie Rainbow Picnic Pie — Want something completely different? This is part puff pastry, part sandwich, and all goodness. It may take a bit longer than assembling a simple wrap (mostly because of the cooking time) but we’re certain you’ll love the results!

Cumin Spiced Lentil BurgersThese take some prep as well, but you can also substitute pre-packaged veggie burgers. Toasting up the flatbread beforehand gives it a bit of extra (delicious) crunch. 

Don’t forget the paninis.

If you want something that can keep you warm during a chilly autumn picnic, then try out these panini sandwiches. And you don’t need special equipment, either, because a skillet on the stove or even a waffle maker does an excellent job of crisping up these delicious bites. 

Chicken Caprese Panini — If you like a fresh caprese salad during the summer, then bring it into autumn by adding a bit of chicken and some warmth. We love these for a chilly tailgate party!

Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps — Did you know that wraps can transform magically into crispy containers for all the fillings? Try out these cheeseburger wraps the next time you have a picnic and transport yourself into a summer barbecue. 

Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich — OK, we just couldn’t write a blog about sandwiches without having some peanut butter involved. But this peanut butter sandwich has evolved. You may even find yourself not wanting to share with the kids. 

Fall is a magical time to get out and have some fun in the great outdoors. Next time you find yourself watching the leaves change on a hiking trail or tailgating for your favorite football team, bring along one of these delicious bites. And for more great recipes, check out our Food section on Health Possible.

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