The Lily Pad, 05.02.22

May 2, 2022

Monday Motivation

“Never give nor take an excuse.”

Florence Nightingale

Celebrating Hancock Nurses

It’s May! Most Hoosiers associate this special time of year with a certain race on the westside of Indy. But frogs don’t drive, much less 500 miles in a circle. At Hancock Health, May is all about celebrating our nurses. Since 1990, American Nurses Association designated May 6-12 National Nurses Week. We’re jumping into things a few days early on the lily pad, and showing our Hancock Health nurses some much-deserved love this week.

Making Health Possible

At Hancock Health, we know that every member of our team is critical to making health possible. However, there are few roles that interact so intimately with our patients as our amazing nurses. Get to know more about their career and what they do at Hancock.  

What do they do? Understanding Nurse Practitioners.

Why Love Hancock? One Nurse’s Answer.  

New support? Peyton Manning Neonatal NPs.

Navigating Cancer Treatment 

A journey through cancer treatment can be a long and difficult road. At Hancock Health, our nurse navigators at Sue Ann Wortman Cancer Center help make that journey as easy as possible by helping patients coordinate and schedule their appointments, answering questions about care, and taking care of all of the little things so patients can focus on their health. Watch a short video celebrating the work they do.

Hank’s Dad Joke of the Week

Question: Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

Answer: He was feeling crummy.

An Artful Way to Support SurvivorsThe Lily Pad, 05.09.22

We Make Health Possible

As East Central Indiana’s population grows, we’re putting health care where people need it most. Besides Hancock Regional Hospital, ranked as one of the nation’s safest by the Lown Hospital Index, our network includes more than 30 other locations near your home or work.

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