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Spotlight on Care: Understanding the role of Nurse Practitioner

February 26, 2020

Nurse Practitioners, or NPs, are a critically important part of your healthcare team. Thousands of Americans visit Nurse Practitioners each day for a wide variety of health needs. In Hancock County, dozens of Nurse Practitioners provide this same expert patient care through #HancockPhysicians Network. Understanding that a Nurse Practitioner is a partner and advocate for your health is important for you and your family.

Quality Education and Certification

A Nurse Practitioner undergoes intense training and certification to serve patients. A Masters or Doctoral degree in nursing is required for all nurse practitioners with #HPN. Also, NPs must complete advanced clinical training, pass national certification exams, undergo peer review and observation.

Much like a physician, continuing education and on-going training is also important to practicing as a Nurse Practitioner. Advanced certifications and specialty certificates are also available for NPs. For #HancockPhysicians, the high quality and standards are essential for NPs.

Providing Routine Health Care

With their training, Nurse Practitioners serve as certified healthcare providers for a variety of routine care needs. Nurse Practitioners see patients of all ages, including pediatric patients and seniors.

Nurse Practitioners can prescribe medications, order and conduct lab work, conduct routine office visits, provide follow-up visits, annual exams and conduct physicals or health assessments.  NPs can also support patients with acute care needs.

Supporting Preventative Care

Identifying ways that patients or individuals can prevent future health problems is important to improving community or population health. For Hancock County, developing healthier community is very important.   From smoking cession to obesity to understanding personal care concerns, Nurse Practitioners are skilled at developing preventative care plans or providing consultation to patients for improved health.  With skilled NPs focused on preventative care, #hancockcares4u.

Serving Patients with Chronic Disease Management

For patients facing challenges of chronic diseases, Nurse Practitioners are a partner in care.  Whether diabetes, infections, wound care, high blood pressure or other chronic conditions, NPs support patients in their personal care plans to managing the disease, improving health, or both treat and prevent further health complications.