Fitness & Nutrition

Teens Belong, Too, at Hancock Wellness Centers

May 17, 2022

Generation Z, also called “Zoomers,” is a passionate and health-minded group of young people ready to take on the world. This generation has grown up in turbulent times, including a climate crisis, foreign wars, a global pandemic, and the human rights movement. They are also a generation that has the highest rates of anxiety and other mental illnesses of any so far. Therefore, they know the power and value of making healthy lifestyle choices like exercise, eating right, and taking care of the mind-body connection.

More than any generation before them, Zoomers are interested in adopting a lifestyle that helps them feel great both physically and mentally. Many Zoomers are opting to join wellness centers and gyms to keep their fitness routines consistent. Hancock Wellness Centers have a host of options for our young members, including group exercise classes, chances to train with our knowledgeable staff, and specialized workout opportunities like CrossFit.

Why is it important to start young?

As any Zoomer can tell you, finding a fitness routine that works with your body and your schedule goes a long way in helping you feel great physically, emotionally, and mentally. Getting started on a healthy lifestyle path early helps your chances of bypassing chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, and of avoiding mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. Hancock Wellness Centers see the benefits of helping kids, teens, and young adults develop great habits early, which is why we offer programming tailored to their needs and interests.

When can my child join?

Children as young as 8 can have a gym membership to their local Hancock Wellness Center, and we have plenty of programming, as well as a Jungle Club, to keep them busy while parents get in a workout. However, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when using the gym, pool, basketball courts, and so on. Once teenagers reach the age of 16, they are free to join any classes they want and can use the gym on their own.

Teens and young adults have a plethora of opportunities to create a healthy lifestyle focused on wellness when they come to our fitness centers. Many members of Gen Z make an effort to attend the group classes we offer, such as Zumba, Yoga, AquaFit, Pilates, Cycling, and more. For tech-savvy teens, we also offer an online workout option through FLEX, with access to workouts on demand. Members receive a free 30-day trial of this platform and then pay $5 a month to continue service. This option makes it easy to get in a workout even when getting to the gym isn’t possible.

For those who like to create their own workout, we offer state-of-the-art exercise equipment as well as basketball courts and a pool in each of our three locations across Hancock County. For some, it’s helpful to mix it up, attending group classes one week and then swimming laps the next, depending on what they feel like doing. Other teens enjoy a routine that keeps them in shape and helps them flex their muscles of discipline. 

No matter what you and your teen are looking for, we have something at Hancock Wellness Centers to get you on the path of making healthy choices. Helping kids and teens develop healthy habits early on is a key to their success and health later in life. Gen Z is already passionate about creating a lifestyle that helps them feel great. We support them by making fitness centers and gyms accessible for all age groups.