The Lily Pad, 12.13.2021

December 13, 2021

Monday Motivation

“Determination that just won’t quit—that’s what it takes.”

—A.J. Foyt 

Where’s Hank?  (The Christmas Edition)

 ‘Twas the holiday season and all through the hall,

One creature was stirring who’s five feet tall;

Decorations were hung ‘round the hospital with care, 

In hopes that Hank the frog soon would be there; 

He was dressed all in fur from his head to his feet, 

And he carried a bag full of sugary treats;

After spreading his cheer, he thought with delight, 

“Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night.”

Watch Hank’s hoppin’ holiday at Hancock Regional Hospital here.

Making Health Possible

Like it or not, technology is a big part of everything we do. While spending too much time staring at cell phone screens and computers is unhealthy, technology helps us make health possible every day at Hancock Health. We address those topics and more in the Technology section of our award-winning health and lifestyle website,

Fighting screen addiction? Try these tips!

Unsure about virtual medicine? Dr. Meg Fitzsimmons was, too.

Can’t put your phone down? Tonight’s the night!

Mythbusters: Plastics 

If you think plastic surgery is only for celebrities and only about vanity, you’re mistaken. In fact, American plastic surgeons performed 6.8 million reconstructive surgeries in 2020. Learn more about what’s fact and what’s fiction right here in our Mythbusters series.

Hank’s Dad Joke of the Week

Q: Why are ghosts bad liars?

A: Because you can see right through them.

The Lily Pad, 12.20.21

We Make Health Possible

As East Central Indiana’s population grows, we’re putting health care where people need it most. Besides Hancock Regional Hospital, ranked as one of the nation’s safest by the Lown Hospital Index, our network includes more than 30 other locations near your home or work.

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