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Organize Your Home and Thoughts this Spring

April 28, 2021

Getting organized is easy for some. Others, not so much. We all use different methods—whether bins do it for you, labels are your thing, or you shine at using space efficiently. But springtime offers a renewed energy to get everyone looking ahead to fresh, clean, and new. And it’s the signature time to purge and organize, making space for a new season.

So, whether you’re a pro, beginner, or lifelong slacker, try these tips while on your spring cleaning adventure.

One room at a time

We know you’ve got the best of intentions, and that probably means you’re ready to tackle your whole house in one frenzied weekend. But that could lead to becoming overwhelmed and abruptly ending your project. So you might want to start simple: with the one room that’ll make you feel the best when it’s done. Maybe it’s your bedroom. Or maybe it’s a communal space you and your family inhabit every day, such as the living room or kitchen. Just start with the space that’ll make you the happiest when it’s clean and reorganized; let it motivate you

Think green

You’re certainly not alone if you found yourself in an online buying frenzy last winter, but that also means you’ve got plenty to recycle. The good news is you can feel great about donating your purged items or making some extra cash by finding consignment shops to help you resell your rejects. Then, when it’s repurposed—instead of thrown in a junk pile—you’ll get the additional benefit of knowing you’ve done something good for the environment. Because the less we throw away, the better it is for the planet!

Make it a family activity

If your family members are willing to work on the project with you (or maybe you’ve decided they’re helping whether they like it or not), make the most of the time together. Flip through a few old photo albums, baby pictures, and other keepsakes. Recount moments your kids don’t remember or have forgotten—like that awkward period when little Johnny liked to wear his Underoos over his pants, pretending to be a superhero. 

You can also help them tackle their own rooms because organizing and rearranging furniture will create a whole new vibe in your children’s space, too. Who knows? Maybe it’ll start a trend, and they’ll clean their rooms independently next time (one can dream). You can also incorporate some of your family’s suggestions for communal rooms, so they’ll get a sense of pride in the new digs and be less likely to muck it up later (again with the dreaming).

Get creative with storage

You may be tempted to buy new bins for storing and organizing but be mindful that you’re adding to your family’s stash of stuff. Besides, the purging portion of your project likely will empty several old containers; put them to use in a clever new way. Take stock of items you can bunch together and look for already existing holders to store pencils, art supplies, rubber bands, important paperwork, and more.

Make it yours

Always keep in mind that the space you’re organizing is your family’s home, so create a system of organization that works best for everyone in the house. If something feels inefficient, now’s the time to change it and make your life a little easier in the process. An easier lifestyle also means a less stressful one, and that’s good for your mental health.

And remember, not everything has to go. It’s ok to hold onto sentimental items. So, purge whatever’s unimportant, keep whatever brings you joy—just like Marie Kondo—and organize your place to make you happy. Afterward, sit back and relish in your clean, coordinated home.