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Air Out Your House

April 30, 2020

Jordan Sparks said it best: how are you going to breathe with no air? The air inside your home may even be more polluted than outside. The air in your home is “used” when it has been breathed in and has a lower oxygen supply that depletes our bodies. Air out your home to spring clean and to boost your mood.

Let the Air In

About three times a week, open the front and back doors for at least ten minutes. Creating this airflow will let in sunlight to kill germs and mites. For apartment dwellers, open windows on opposite sides of the apartment for the same effect. Fresh air helps your place smell better and can open up a stuffy room.

Clean with All-Natural Products

VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are just as scary as they sound. VOC release vapors in the air and are considered carcinogens, worsen asthma, irritate eyes, and cause headaches. Yikes! Unfortunately, they can be found in most cleaning products. Make the switch to all-natural brands to keep toxic products out of your air. If you’re struggling to find brands that work, check out this search engine to see what’s really in your cleaners.

Invest in an Air Purifier

Press a button and an air purifier works to clean out the air in your home. Mold, allergens, viruses, and smoke odor can all be filtered out. Why wouldn’t you get one? Start shopping with Forbes’ list of their favorites.

Go Green

Got a green thumb? Fill your house with plants! Plants detox dust and germs from your house and put out oxygen. Keeping a potted plant in your bedroom will help you breathe better while you sleep. For the best natural air purifiers try snake plant, aloe vera, and English ivy.

Stop Smoking

If anyone smokes inside your home, it’s time to stop. Not only is smoking bad for your health but secondhand smoke still carries carcinogens and lingers in your home long after the cigarette is put out. Kick the habit for your household’s health.

Wash the Dog

Snuggling up with your pet every night may be more harmful to your health than you think. When animals go outside and come back inside with dirty paws, they could spread mold to their bed—or yours if they sleep with you. Regularly wash your pet’s bed and your own sheets to kill germs.

Don’t stop spring cleaning at dusting; air out your home to get rid of the pesky germs building up during winter. If you’re still feeling the spring clean itch, check out how to clean your way to a healthier bedroom here.