Healthy Relationships

Connect Despite the Cold—The Health Benefits Are Worth It

November 18, 2020

Headquartered as we are in Indiana, winters typically are ignorable—cold, sometimes snowy, but not harsh enough that we have to truly acknowledge them. Until now, when COVID-19 concerns are keeping everyone at a distance and making inside gatherings out of the question.

We’re going to have to bundle up and try a new approach. The Scandinavians can show us the way: Friluftsliv is the notion that embracing the cold isn’t just practical given the longevity of winter but mentally and physically beneficial. “Out on a hike, never in a bad mood,” say the Norwegians, and who could argue?

Put on a few layers, gather a couple of friends to meet you for socially distanced winter activities. Maybe one of these ideas will light a fire under you.

The tips above can help you connect with friends and family despite the restrictions the virus has put on all of us. And, as we all continue to work to slow the spread of COVID-19, remember that we’re all in this together!