Meet Dr. Sewit Amde

January 24, 2020
“I strive to see each patient with a wider lens, and an appreciation for the whole person.” So said Dr. Sewit Amde, MD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who’s part of Hancock Health. Dr. Amde has worked in Greenfield for almost 10 years and joined Hancock Health in August of 2019. She focuses on reconstructive breast and cosmetic surgery and enjoys helping patients feel their most confident selves.

According to Dr. Amde, the most rewarding part of her job is helping patients regain form, function, health, and confidence. Plastic and reconstructive surgery can be a point of insecurity for many patients. Dr. Amde is able to help her patients through a difficult transition by forming a connection.

“In plastic and reconstructive surgery, every patient is unique,” Dr. Amde said. “The most challenging part of my job that I also happen to enjoy is delivering an individualized and tailored solution to each problem. I strive to see each patient with a wider lens, with an appreciation for the whole person and not just the problem with which they present.”

What drew Dr. Amde to Hancock Health was the emphasis on the patient’s needs. Plastic and reconstructive surgery can be a sensitive topic, and Dr. Amde works to put her patients at ease.  “I love the Hancock Health culture of personalized care with kindness, respect, and treating everyone like family,” Dr. Amde said. “It is a very pleasant environment to do the kind of work I do.”

When she isn’t working, Dr. Amde likes to read, exercise, and most of all spend time with her family. We’re lucky she decided to join our staff, and we hope this is the start of her long career with Hancock Health.

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