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A1c Hemoglobin


Used to screen for diabetes and to monitor glycemic status for patients with diabetes.

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Anemia Panel


Used to determine if a patient is anemic, whether there is too much or too…

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B12 and Folate


Measures B12 and folate, vitamins that must be supplied by diet.

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Blood Type (ABO/Rh)


Used to determine blood type and presence of Rh in blood cells.

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Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring


Used to detect the presence, location, and extent of calcified plaque in arteries.

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Cardiac Risk Panel


Used to evaluate risk for atherosclerotic heart disease and measure inflammation, even when other factors…

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CBC (Complete Blood Count)


Used to evaluate anemia, leukemia, inflammation and infections, hydration, inherited blood disorders, and chemotherapy decisions.

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Chemistry Screen


Used as a broad screening tool to evaluate organ function and check for conditions such…

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