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How Our Arthritis Aquatics Program Can Help You

May 10, 2024

The pain and ache from arthritis can make working out feel impossible. At the same time, we all knowhow important it is to maintain range of motion, strength, and flexibility, especially when you have been diagnosed with arthritis. Our Arthritis Aquatics programming makes it fun, easy, and safe to maintain a fitness routine and feel great about your quality of life!

Arthritis Aquatics is the perfect low impact workout for your joints

Workouts in the pools at our Hancock Health Wellness Centers include both group classes and opportunities for individual lap swimming. Not only do our aquatics programs help to increase cardiovascular and respiratory function, boost the immune system and build strength, they are also notably easy on the joints. Whether you have arthritis(or not), this can be a welcome change from pounding the pavement during a workout (and your knees and hips will thank you!).

For folks who suffer from arthritis, we not only offer traditional aquatics opportunities, but also specially tailored Arthritis Aquatics group classes taught by certified exercise specialists. These instructors understand the importance of maintaining a balance between safety and challenge in the pool. Those who attend usually find themselves increasing flexibility, maintaining a better range of motion, and feeling stronger.

The natural resistance of water

You may be wondering just how a gentle workout can help to build so much strength and flexibility in people with arthritis. It’s all thanks to the natural support that water provides. Falls are less likely in water, which makes this a go-to exercise for older adults. Also, buoyancy creates a feeling of lightness that takes pressure off the joints and skeleton. This doesn’t mean you won’t build bone mass, though. Water offers natural resistance that is great for strengthening your whole body. Think of it as a gentle version of weightlifting that has similar results!

Different offerings for different abilities

The best part about having knowledgeable instructors is that they can help you tailor your workout to make the biggest impact on your health. Those who suffer from diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthritis, for example, often have flares in which their range of motion decreases, sometimes drastically. By taking part in an exercise class with an instructor who can help with modifications, sufferers can maintain their workout routine and reap the benefits of moving gently and listening to their body’s needs.

Let’s get started!

If you want to attend one of the group classes specifically geared toward folks with arthritis, check out the Arthritis Aquatics classes at one of our three Hancock Health Wellness Center locations in Greenfield, McCordsville, and New Palestine. Times vary depending on location so head here for more information. You can also find the schedules at the link above for any of our aquatics classes, all of which are taught by exercise specialists and can be helpful in aiding arthritis relief.

From aqua yoga to aerobics, diving in this spring can be fun and beneficial for your joints. We look forward to seeing you!