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The Chill Factor: Are Cold Showers Worth It? 

February 28, 2024

Most of us have probably heard about some interesting or questionable alternative health habits. Maybe you’re trying to wrap your head around barefoot running. Or perhaps you still have absolutely no idea how acupuncture could possibly be relaxing. While going the non-medication route may feel odd to some, there are actually plenty of ways to get amazing health benefits without reaching for the pill bottle. 

Sometimes, You Have to Get Chilly to Chill Out.

Most of us really enjoy a hot shower, especially in the chilly months. But if you’re feeling brave, taking the polar plunge and switching to cold showers might be exactly what your body needs. There are a lot of health benefits to cold showers. For example: 

Wake up your body. The cold water creates an endorphin rush that helps you feel more awake and alert. 

Reduce muscle soreness. Cold therapies such as applying ice to sore areas after exercise are already common practice, but a 5-15 minute cold shower can serve as a full-body muscle relaxer, and it can get rid of that unnecessary pain and soreness after exercise. 

Speed up your metabolism. Cold showers could help increase your metabolism, which means you’ll burn calories and fat at a quicker rate.

But That’s Not All.

If the idea of subjecting yourself to an icy shower first thing in the morning gives you the shivers, there are still plenty of other nontraditional health habits you can develop over time. If you’re dealing with menopause symptoms, exercise, dietary changes, and even yoga can help manage the symptoms without relying on medication. 

Chronic pain can also be remedied by exercise, or even physical or occupational therapy. And acupuncture, chiropractic help, and mind-body techniques such as yoga and meditation have all been proven to help with symptoms, as well. 

aWhatever health issue you might be facing, there are likely plenty of nontraditional ways to battle the symptoms. Hancock Wellness Centers offer plenty of opportunities for you to explore exercise, therapies, and other ways to improve your health without medication. Find a convenient location near you, and get started today. 

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