What’s New – and What’s the Same – at the Hancock Health Connection Center

January 17, 2024

January marks a new chapter for the Hancock Health Connection Center. Formerly known as the Healthy365 Connection Center, the Hancock Health Connection Center is re-centering its focus on meeting the behavioral health and social needs of Hancock County and the surrounding areas. This new evolution of care gives Hancock County and the surrounding area better access to all Hancock Health resources and community services, identified by a caring team of trained individuals within the Connection Center.

A continued emphasis on mental healthcare

The Connection Center remains focused on the mental wellness of Hancock County and surrounding area residents. While the Connection Center does not provide therapy, the staff is knowledgeable about the different types of available mental health services. This can range from individual therapy to inpatient treatment for individuals who are struggling with substance misuse.

When someone calls the Connection Center at 317-468-4231, they’ll be connected to a caring support navigator who will listen and help them find the resources for their unique needs. Anyone who is struggling with their own substance issues or a family member’s substance misuse is encouraged to reach out to begin the path to appropriate care and healing. The Connection Center can also direct people to appropriate care for depression and other mental health challenges.

The Connection Center will continue to offer community services including:

·        QPR suicide prevention training

·        ACE Interface training

·        Peer recovery services

The Connection Center will also continue its popular fall event, Rise Above It. Rise Above It brings multiple agencies and organizations together under one roof to introduce visitors to various mental health, physical health, social health, and self-care options.

Connections that reach beyond an office visit

The Connection Center is committed to a “more connected, comprehensive approach to making health possible for Hancock County residents.” But many factors can affect the health of our residents, and the Connection Center is designed to help everyone find the support that’s needed to meet their behavioral health and social emotional needs.

Almost everyone has faced a challenge where they’re just not sure where to turn. Ideally, they turn to the Connection Center for help identifying community resources that can make a difference. For instance, a person who is unable to afford both rent and groceries may not know about local resources designed to help them with both. Someone who is struggling to navigate the justice system may not be aware of specific resources to help them in their journey.

The Connection Center staff is continually collaborating with community partners in order to connect you with appropriate local services, including:

·        Healthcare

·        Social needs

·        Senior services

·        Local government

·        Child welfare

·        Faith communities

·        Substance misuse treatment

·        Education

·        Other social services

It is important to note that the Connection Center does not provide these services. Rather, the staff can offer options for people who need extra help facing a challenge. They may not be able to set up care for an elderly relative, but they can recommend care services or legal services to protect the vulnerable older population. The staff may not be able to make a medical bill go away, but they can refer people to someone within the Hancock Health system for financial assistance or to set up a payment plan.

An entire health network built around you

Hancock Health is more than a hospital, more than an emergency room or a doctor’s office or a wellness center. Hancock Health is a health network, designed to enhance the health and well-being of local residents. If you or someone you know is struggling and isn’t sure where to find help, start with a call to the Connection Center at 317-468-4231. We’ll be here for you.

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