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We LOVE Our Wellness Initiatives

January 29, 2024

Beginning or maintaining a wellness journey isn’t always easy in today’s modern world, especially with the abundance of junk food and an overall sedentary lifestyle. Simply put, it may take more than just a gym membership or the desire to eat healthy to actually create change in your life. Alongside our knowledgeable staff, the Hancock Wellness Centers are trying to make health possible for all the residents of Hancock County and the surrounding area with unique wellness initiatives.

Our Wellness Centers LOVE to stand apart from the rest

The term “wellness center” was chosen on purpose and, indeed, we are much more than a gym. Of course, we offer the traditional benefits of any other gym, including state-of-the-art equipment, an indoor pool, a plethora of group exercise classes and more. But, along with those offerings, we also give our members the chance to participate in wellness initiatives that can really spark lasting change for those wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle

Curious about health and fitness? We’ve got you covered

We consider our wellness initiatives to be an offering unique to our wellness centers. Because we are an extension of Hancock Health, we are partnered with providers, experts, dietitians and more to help our members gain all the resources they need to succeed. Here are just a few of the programs you can expect to have access to through the Hancock Wellness Centers:

LOVE yourself by choosing a healthy lifestyle

We try to make it easy for our members to choose a healthy lifestyle which, in turn, provides a higher quality of life. When the decisions are easier, you can feel in control and better able to create a life that makes you feel the most like YOU. We asked our staff about their favorite classes and offerings and here is what they had to say:

I love the community we have built at New Pal! – Brooke

The variety of classes. Something for everybody! – Mary

Our commitment to change people’s lives. – Ciara

When you walk in it immediately feels like home. – Sheila

To see members push themselves, no matter their age! – Elizabeth

Getting to know the people in the clinical exercise program! – Sam

Being part of everyone’s fitness journey and seeing their progress! – Kelley

I love that HWC can serve anyone’s fitness journey! – Sarah

The members who have become friends over the years. – Jonie

Seeing the happy members getting stronger and achieving their goals! – Dana

Hancock Wellness Center has classes and programs for everyone! – Seth

Everyone is helpful and has a positive attitude. – Angelina

I love seeing the healthy side of healthcare! – Sara

The encouragement from the staff. – Paula

Best group fitness classes anywhere taught by professional staff! – Debbie

The aquatic classes are my favorite. – Tabitha

There ae so many class options! – Judy

The amazing staff! – Steven

An environment that pushes you to be better. – Cameron

The positive motivating environment! – Krista

Working alongside people who share the same passion for wellness. – Tina

Great place to workout and socialize with friends! – Nola

The wide variety of excellent workouts! – Guy

Members are welcoming and staff are always happy to help! – Cody A

This month, we would LOVE to have you join us for group exercise classes, workshops, educational opportunities and any other initiatives that will help you succeed in your fitness journey!