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The Power of Group Fitness

December 28, 2023
Group fitness classes

How is your fitness routine going so far? Whether you met with one of our personal trainers to create an action plan or you are figuring it out as you go along, congratulations on taking the first steps in creating more movement in your life! One thing we have learned from working with our community to promote wellness is that every journey hits a few bumps along the way. One of the biggest ones as we head farther into the new year (and the unending winter) is a lack of motivation. 

Can group fitness be the motivation you need to succeed? 

Everyone will come upon a time in their lives when they just don’t feel motivated to do those exercises or perform that routine. And getting to the gym when the winter wind and snow are blowing? Forget about it! But we know one thing that can seriously help boost your motivation to stick to your routine and accomplish your wellness goals: group fitness. 

What’s so great about exercising with friends or within a community? Here are some things you may not have thought about before: 

You will push yourself harder 

Do you thrive on friendly competition and cheering others on? What happens when you have others rooting for you? Working out in a community setting means you will likely find ways to push yourself toward crushing your fitness goals. And when you do you will have a group of people celebrating right alongside you! 

You will feel accountable to your community

“Where were you, we missed you last week,” might be all you need to hear to make sure you get your booty to the gym this winter. Finding community in a group fitness class or partnering with a workout buddy means you become accountable to those who are relying on YOU to be their cheerleader, just as you are relying on them. You are an important voice and presence in your community, so getting motivated to go to the gym might just feel a little easier. 

Socializing makes it fun 

Gone are the days when you could consider pounding away on a treadmill day after day fun (if you ever could). With all of the group classes you have to choose from at your local Hancock Health Wellness Centers, socializing is bound to become one of the benefits of working out in a community setting. We have found that when our members have fun alongside others, they are more motivated to attend classes, complete their workouts and experience wonderful results!  

Check out our group fitness classes!

Whether you love breaking it down in a Zumba class or you prefer the challenge of CrossFit, we have something for you (and your whole group) to enjoy. Our group fitness classes are taught by exercise specialists who are trained to make each workout fun and effective. Not only that, we also offer both clinical programming and a physician referral program for those who are seeking to begin or maintain a fitness routine while facing challenges such as cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more.  

Head to our website for a full list of group classes and more information about all of our inclusive, holistic programming!