Healthcare Tips

One Shot in the Arm Can Save You a Lot of Trouble

December 18, 2023
Illustration of a nurse in a white coat giving a seated person a shot in their arm.

Dr. Amanda Goldstein has been a family medicine physician with Hancock Health for eleven years. And in her long tenure, she’s seen patients at all stages of their lives. From managing chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes to addressing chest pain or skin biopsies, Dr. Goldstein stays busy. But her favorite part of the job is much simpler: giving preventive health care to multiple generations of families. And one important part of that care is a yearly  flu shot.

Why Should I Get My Flu Shot? 

Dr. Goldstein recommends that everyone get their yearly flu shot—unless you’ve previously had an allergic reaction to the vaccine. It’s not just to help yourself but also to help those around you. 

“It helps prevent that person from getting the flu and then subsequently from spreading it to other family members, friends, and coworkers,” said Dr. Goldstein. “Some of those people might be at high risk of complications, which means the flu could be especially dangerous for them.” 

The CDC estimates there were at least 26 million people infected with influenza in the 2022-23 season, which led to at least 12 million doctors’ appointments, 290,000 hospitalizations, and 17,000 deaths. 

“A flu shot helps your body produce antibodies to the influenza virus,” said Dr. Goldstein. “Then, when you come in contact with the virus in the air, your body has a head start at fighting the infection. This can help prevent you from ever having any symptoms of infection or make the infection more mild.” You can get your flu shot at your doctor’s office, Hancock Gateway immediate care facilities, or your local pharmacy. Don’t wait until you get sick—start prevention now and protect yourself and those around you from the flu.