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CrossFit for Your Best New Year Yet

December 4, 2023

We all know the drill. On December 31, we make a New Year’s resolution. By February 1, we have already forgotten it, succumbed to boredom, or fallen back into old habits. If you want to make resolutions that stick for 2024, you might need to try something completely different: CrossFit. 

CrossFit is more than a fitness craze

In case you haven’t heard, CrossFit is a form of high intensity interval training in which you strengthen and condition by performing functional movement. So, instead of just lifting weights, you would be combining this with movements that are a part of your everyday life, such as squatting, pushing, pulling, etc. Other movements and props include ropes, jumping, tire flipping and more. 

CrossFit came onto the scene a while ago, but it hasn’t lost its steam. Why? Because CrossFit junkies swear by this non-traditional workout program. From a sense of a community to ever-changing daily workouts, it seems the benefits are endless. But how can it help you to reach your fitness goals in 2024? 

It’s fun 

Sure, you might be fired up to get to the gym in January, but will you still want to be stuck in the same old routine come February or March? One way to make sure your New Year’s resolution sticks is to make it FUN. And that is exactly what CrossFit does.  

Think of how excited a young child is to test their skills on new playground equipment. Although adults may not show it, we can become equally ambitious and even competitive with ourselves when it comes to trying something new. Not only that, but it can also be downright fun and invigorating when you finally master it! CrossFit provides this in spades, setting up a variety of different workouts and bodily movements daily, weekly, and monthly to test your skills and keep things fresh. 

It provides a sense of community

Although you can certainly reach fitness goals alone, being part of a community makes it so much easier. CrossFit classes involve a lot of cheering each other on, high-fiving and comradery, driving you to try your best. Your new friends will also keep you accountable, so come February when you just don’t want to make the snowy trip to the gym you will be more likely to show up since you are a part of something bigger than yourself. 

It works!

One thing we know from watching our wellness center members perform in CrossFit classes is that this stuff works! Want to increase your muscle mass? Check. Strengthen your whole cardiovascular system? Yep. Increase your endurance? Gotcha. Make everyday movements easier? This is for you. 

If you are feeling “blah” about making another New Year’s resolution this year, don’t let the boredom keep you from building healthy habits in your life. Instead, mix it up! Try out a CrossFit membership at any one of our three Hancock Wellness Centers, located in Greenfield, New Palestine and McCordsville. We bet that by February, you will still be going strong. Wishing a happy and healthy 2024 to everyone!