Most people have had some amount of diagnostic imaging done. This refers to the variety of techniques providers may use to look inside of the body when seeking a diagnosis or taking precaution against illness. Diagnostic imaging includes ultrasounds, X-rays, mammograms, MRIs, CT Scans, and more.  

Our providers use diagnostic imaging to keep you safe.

When it comes to diagnostic imaging, we provide the same high-quality, caring experience you would find anywhere else in the Hancock Health Network. However, we understand that some patients are still worried about side effects of radiation exposure while undergoing imaging tests. While it is important to only use diagnostic imaging when there is a medical reason to do so, some common myths have our patients wondering if it is as safe and effective as it claims to be. 

Let’s Breakdown Common Diagnostic Imaging Myths

MYTH #1: Any amount of radiation exposure is dangerous

Although radiation can be dangerous in large amounts, your exposure level when having a diagnostic imaging test is fairly low. In fact, we are all exposed to radiation on a daily basis from our cell phones, airplane travel, soil, food, water and more. Not only that, our Hancock technologists are expertly trained to use the machines they are operating.

MYTH #2: Medical scans can impact fertility 

The Radiological Society of North America reports that the effects of radiation from diagnostic imaging on the fertility of both men and women to be essentially zero. Because radiation accumulates in your body over years of time, whenever you have imaging done, proper precautions will be taken by the technologist to ensure your safety. Furthermore, diagnostic imaging is not harmful during pregnancy and, again, proper precautions are taken to ensure any radiation is aimed only at the parts of your body that require it. Ultrasounds are not harmful to your baby and can help your provider ensure your healthy pregnancy. 

MYTH #3: Imaging is expensive 

Although state-of-the-art imaging tests such as MRIs and CT scans can be costly, there are ways you can reduce your spending. Hancock Health is happy to have a variety of network locations where you can get your diagnostic imaging done, saving you money in the long run. Gateway Hancock Health was established with patient affordability in mind when it comes to diagnostic imaging, healthcare and preventative screenings. Head on over to our website or visit Gateway for more information.  

Diagnostic imaging is a fantastic tool to help prevent and manage illness and injuries. Although it might feel worrisome to hear about radiation exposure at first, you can maintain peace of mind knowing our skilled technologists are available to help.  

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