What we eat daily creates the foundation of our health. At the Hancock Health Wellness Centers, a holistic approach to wellness means not only offering plenty of fitness and educational opportunities, but also a chance for people to learn more about diet and nutrition. Through doctor referrals and the Performance Fueling program, members are able experience nutritional therapy to help them make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Nutritional Therapy is about more than just weight loss

Although weight loss is a common concern for folks, Hancock Health Wellness Center Greenfield Registered Dietitian Emily Stoffel sees members and patients who need a wide variety of nutritional therapy. Stoffel says that preventative health questions, such as how to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, are common concerns for people as well.  

Through the Doctor Referral program, she also helps those who need medical nutritional therapy to help with a mixture of health concerns such as feeding tubes, kidney disease, pediatric concerns, pregnancy, etc. “Performance fueling” is another way to gain insight through nutritional therapy related to gaining muscle, losing weight, boosting energy and more, all through weekly 30-minute sessions that provide accountability when creating healthy lifestyle habits.  

Simple nutrition tips from a dietitian who knows 

Through her work within our Hancock Health community, both at the hospital for six years and now at the wellness centers, Stoffel has found that the No. 1 piece of advice she has given is related to portion control. This and moderation are a great way to maintain nutritional balance.  

In fact, with the holidays being a time of possible binge eating and increased sugar intake, Stoffel lets her clients and patients know that getting back on track in January is as easy as choosing a small and simple goal based in moderation and sticking to it. Because each nutritional plan is individualized, for some people that might look like having one sweet per week and for others it might be a daily practice of moderation. 

Want to feel your best this year? 

If you want 2024 to be your best year yet, getting advice from one of our registered dietitians is a great place to start. Figuring out which foods help you to feel fueled and focused and which ones leave you in a constant state of brain fog or ill health can make an enormous difference in your life.  

“When we change their diet for the better, we see an improvement in energy levels, overall health, and how they feel. We see a lot of non-scale victories and energy is probably number one,” says Stoffel, adding, “Food impacts everything in life.” 

Hancock Wellness Center members have access to registered dietitians daily and our staff always welcomes folks to stop by with questions or concerns. If you are interested in taking your fitness to the next level, our performance fueling program might be for you. Just check with the front desk for more information. If you qualify for the doctor referral program for nutritional therapy, your sessions with our registered dietitians may be covered by insurance. To find out, contact the front desk or the registered dietitian at your local Hancock Wellness Center.  

Stoffel says that if she could give one piece of advice to those who are confused about nutrition, it is to seek a consultation with someone who knows their stuff. Between fad diets and the internet, what is healthy can seem baffling. Stop by your local wellness center today or head to our website for more information about nutritional therapy programming. 

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