Healthcare Tips

Healthy Up Your Home

November 27, 2023
A father leaning over their child's shoulders helping them make a sandwich.

Our homes are our place of refuge. When we come home from work—or even when we’ve spent the entire day at home—we need a space that makes us happy and helps us to stay healthy. It’s important to create an environment that helps us be the best versions of ourselves—and here’s how you can do that.

Painting the Perfect Mood

Did you know that color can affect our mental and physical health? It might seem strange, but the colors in your house can have a direct impact on your mood and even on certain aspects of your health. For example, the color green slows your metabolism, while the color yellow can lead to increased feelings of frustration and anger when overused. 

So when you’re reaching for that bright yellow paint for your latest home improvement project, maybe rethink painting every wall that perfect canary and instead opt for something that fits the feelings and reactions you want from within the room.

Stock Your Pantry with Healthy Snacks

We know most people think healthy snacks mean swapping out the sweets for stuff that might not taste as good, but there’s no reason your healthy snacks can’t also be yummy ones. For example, instead of grabbing a big bag of chips, go for some air-popped popcorn. Almonds or other nuts can also be a great alternative when the treat cravings have you in a slump.

Sleep Tight

Don’t forget how important it is to get a good night’s rest. Whether it’s a comfortable mattress and sheets or making sure your room is the perfect temperature before you tuck in for the night, it’s critical to ensure the proper environment for a great night of sleep. 

Your home is your safe place—so why not make it your healthy place, too? We hope these tips help you get on the right track for making your living quarters a healthier place to live.