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Feeling “Blah?” How to Enjoy Your Fitness Routine Again

October 13, 2023

If you’ve got a dose of the fall “blahs” you aren’t alone. When you start a new exercise regimen, it feels fresh and exciting, making it easier to put in those long hours of work. But, when you start to feel like you are just going through the same old motions again and again, it becomes difficult to want to head to the gym or get your workout in at all. Check out our time-tested tips below and renew your enjoyment of your fitness routine this fall.

Your workout doesn’t have to be a drag, enjoy your fitness routine again

If you are hoping to reinvigorate your desire to work up a sweat, you are on the right track already. Caring about your health and wellbeing is the first step in making sure you can push through any exercise plateau. Not only does consistent exercise keep your body in shape, but it also goes a long way in helping your mental health, too. That brings us to our first tip:

Re-evaluate your fitness goals

Have you met the challenge you were hoping to accomplish already? Or maybe you have the desire to change things up and want to set your sights on something different. Either way, evaluating your “why” is an important step in shaking off the fall “blahs.” Your goals will be the reason you get out of bed in the morning and head to your local Hancock Health Wellness Center. They will also be the source of  motivation for you to keep trying even when the going gets tough. 

Start by getting still, taking a few deep belly breaths and writing down what you would like to accomplish physically, mentally and emotionally by continuing to progress on your fitness journey. Write down everything that comes to mind and then narrow down your results to one or two main themes or ideas. Then, reflect on how you could accomplish these goals through your workout routine. If you need help, you can always ask one of our personal trainers for guidance!

Try something new

We always promote trying new things, especially when it comes to beating the workout “blahs.” Get back to exercise bliss by attempting one of our group classes and open your mind to more ways to move your body. From aquatics to yoga and everything in between, it can feel like a fresh new perspective when you attend a class you have never tried before. You can even reimagine your ideas of cardio, strength training and more by experiencing CrossFit, Tabata, H.I.I.T. or another method of exercise we offer.

Connect with community

Feeling accountable to others is a great way to keep yourself motivated, even when the going gets tough. Some of our members choose to stick to the buddy system, working out with friends and turning their exercise routine into a socializing experience. Others enjoy joining one of our fitness classes that offers a sense of community like CrossFit. Either way, connecting with others is a great way to make your workout feel fun and enjoyable again. 

Take it easy on yourself

It is easy to assume that we are failing on our fitness journey when we lack the motivation to continue. Don’t forget that sometimes our “blahs” are a sign we need to rest. Take a week to do only restorative exercises such as yoga, tai chi or stretching. Or participate in a meditation course where you can learn breathing techniques to help you relax more in your everyday life. Listening to your body can help you go a long way in bringing your motivation back.

Fall is a great time to spice up your workout routine. Feeling a case of the “blahs” doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. It just means you are ready to rest, reflect or take on some new challenges. Don’t forget that our personal trainers are always here to answer your questions, help you develop new exercise routines, and cheer you on the whole way!