Mental Well-Being

How to Beat the Midweek Slump

April 21, 2023

Wednesday. For some, it’s a glass-half-full kind of day—the weekend is only two days away, and hey, you’ve made it this far, why not celebrate a little bit? But for others, the midweek may arrive alongside a bit of a slump. You’re running out of days in the week to get everything done, your children or other family members are wearing you out, and you’re beginning to feel so exhausted that you just aren’t sure how you’re going to power through the rest of the week.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

It’s all about perspective.

It can be way too easy to get caught up in that midweek slump, which is why it’s important to stay mindful, and reframe your thinking as you plow through the rest of your week. Don’t let the first half of your week define the last half—if your week had a rough start, just know that doesn’t mean the rest of the week has to look that way, too.

Aside from mindfulness, here are some other great ways to stick it to the slump:

Start something new midweek. Sometimes all it takes is a little shaking up. Maybe start a craft project with your kids, or cook a new recipe just to change your routine a bit.

Focus on doing what you love. If your week so far has been spent corralling your family, doing household chores, and drowning in work, then take some time at the midweek mark to do something for you. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to try or give a podcast a listen. Whatever makes you happy, make that your priority.

Get outside. Take a walk. Go for a jog. Do some yoga. Whatever it is, just do it outside. Getting out in the fresh air will help reframe your mindset and get you back in the groove you need to tackle the rest of your week.

Clear the clutter. If your house begins to fall apart at the midweek as everyone gets busy, then take a few minutes to straighten it back up again. A clean house will take away a lot of the distractions of a messy one.

Dance the day away. Okay, we know this one might sound silly, but we mean it. Shake off the blues with a little dance or two.

We know the midweek can be tricky, but don’t let it beat you. Keep these tricks in mind the next time you start to feel the slump coming on and stay strong to get through the rest of your week. Remember: the weekend is only two days away!