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Hey You! Take a Walk!

April 30, 2020

Wake up, rush to work, cook dinner, tuck in the kids, catch up on Netflix, go to sleep, and repeat. It’s how a lot of us live our lives. With all the stress and business of life, do you ever take a moment to stop and breathe?

Walking meditation can help relieve stress and create a moment of joy in the craziness of life. Try out these different techniques while walking and see what works for you!

Take Time to Breathe

Walking meditation can be as formal as following a meditation tutorial, or it can be as simple as watching your breath. As you walk, breathe in for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, and breathe out for eight seconds. 4-7-8 breathing reduces anxiety and can help you calm down. Taking the time to clear your head will help you stay more focused when you return to your routine.

Focus on Joy

While you walk, start meditating on all the things in life that bring you joy. Whether it’s your favorite iced coffee, artwork from your kids, taking care of your cat, or buying a new pair of jeans, think out this list while you walk. Recalling what makes you happy helps you focus and can even boost your immune system.

Get Outside

When you spend all day hunched over a keyboard, moving outside can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Breathe in the fresh air while you meditate and feel the difference when you return to your routine.

Stay In

If you’re home with littles, it’s raining, or for some reason you can’t leave your house, you can still do walking meditation. Walk the length of your hallway back and forth and think about the deliberate steps you’re taking. Meditate on how the movement of walking feels and take this time to rest your mind.

Study the Sounds

Inside or outside, notice the sounds around you. Hear birds chirping and cars passing or the rumbling of your washer. If you’re struggling to concentrate, try a meditation app like Headspace or Calm to get started.

Life can be overwhelming. Try out meditation walks this week and let us know which technique you’re using on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!