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Winter Project: Your Family Story

December 11, 2022

Did you know that your family story can teach you a lot about where you came from and who you are? Some families have special traditions that take place around certain holidays. Have you ever wondered where these traditions came from? Holiday gatherings with your family are a great time to ask these questions and learn more about each other.

You might be wondering why asking your family questions about themselves and your family historyis important. Nowadays, it can be tempting to just want to play video games with cousins or watch funny YouTube videos during family gatherings. But we promisethat by becoming a family history buff, you will have a whole bunch of fun. Think of it like a family-fact treasurehunt!

Your relatives were kids once too!

Did you know that your grandparents grew up in a time before the internet was even imagined? What was their life like and what did they like to do as kids? They may have also lived through a war. What do you think it was like to be a kid during war times? Did your grandparents think about what they wanted to be when they grew up? Or where they wanted to live? And, honestly, what did they do as a kid that got them into trouble? It was much different in their day when you couldn’t steal your sister’s iPad charger and kids were left unsupervised much more than you are now. Your family story might have some funny (or even hilarious) kahoots!

Things can get even more interesting if you ask your grandparents about THEIR parents when they were kids. Your family history not only shows you who you are, but you can learn a whole bunch about the history of our world through the eyes of your older relatives!

Now it’s YOUR turn to be the detective

Have you ever wanted to solve a mystery? Or pretend you are a research scientisttrying to find out information? What about an archaeologist digging up clues to the past? You can be all three of these things by creating a list of questions and then figuring out which members of your family you are most interested in talking to. 

Remember, your older relatives will absolutely love reliving their childhoods and seeing the look on your face when you find out their most treasured 

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