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Your Family’s Winter Bucket List

December 6, 2022
Holiday Bucket List

Sometimes winter can give you some cabin fever, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you have our winter bucket list. In fact, you might just have the best winter ever if you start crossing off some of these fun and simple activities that can make even the coldest months feel enjoyable!

Here we go … 50 fun activities that you should try this winter! 

Get sporty

  1. Go sledding with your family or friends 
  2. Learn to ice skate
  3. Try out snow tubing
  4. Layer up and work your muscles with cross country skiing
  5. Take a winter hike in your favorite woods
  6. Try indoor golf or another sport new to you
  7. Go bowling
  8. Watch a hockey game

Do some good

  1. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway
  2. Donate old clothes or toys
  3. Help your parents cook dinner one night
  4. Write postcards to kids in the hospital
  5. String popcorn or create pinecone bird feeders to help the animals when food is scarce
  6. Go caroling
  7. Send letters to soldiers overseas
  8. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Fun with the family

  1. Look at old baby pictures
  2. Watch cheesy Christmas, holiday or winter movies
  3. Bake cookies and decorate them for people you love
  4. Create a hot chocolate bar
  5. Have a living room picnic
  6. Go see a movie together
  7. Play a game together during dinner
  8. Have a bonfire
  9. Make a blanket and pillow fort in your living room

Make some art

  1. Use snow to create candles
  2. Try tape resist snowflake paintings
  3. Make these cute mix-and-match rock snowman with stones found in your yard or on a hike
  4. Create a milk jug igloo and some cute little animals to live inside
  5. Check out one of these cute air dry clay projects
  6. Make these easy icicles to hang up in your window or use as ornaments next year
  7. Learn how to knit or crochet by following a tutorial on YouTube or getting a book from the library
  8. Create a terrarium to go in a window and bring some greenery into your house
  9. Make lanterns to light with an LED candle on the dark nights
  10. Start a scrapbook

Get out into the snow

  1. Design a snowman house out of snow and ice
  2. Make frozen bubbles
  3. Try some snow paint
  4. Create colorful ice cube sculptures in your backyard
  5. Create an outdoor ice rink
  6. See how many snow angels you can make in 30 seconds
  7. Have a good old fashioned snowball fight
  8. Build snow sculptures of animal
  9. Make an obstacle course out of snow

Just because it’s fun

  1. Have a bubble bath
  2. Bake and decorate a cake for no reason (except to eat it!)
  3. Put on a play
  4. Decorate a gingerbread house
  5. Have a dance party
  6. Visit a museum

We want to wish all of our readers a very happy holiday and we hope this list brings you and your family joy this season!

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