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Seven Housekeeping Hacks for Fall Cleaning

November 22, 2022
Young woman removing clothes from the washing machine.

Most people are familiar with spring cleaning, especially because we spend the winters hibernating indoors, which tends to cause a buildup of junk and dust. Fall cleaning, however, is also a great way to give yourself the gift of a clean and cozy home as the temps continue to plummet outside. The thing is, with the kids back to school and the family taxi gearing up for a busy season, it can be hard to find the time to clean the house. Enter: our housekeeping hacks.

Hacks aren’t just a YouTube or TikTok sensation for the young ones. They come in handy for all manner of things, including housework. From using items that you already have around the house to get a better clean, to cutting time in half with helpful products, hacks are a great way to save time and effort during your fall cleaning spree.

Start with the couch

Do your sweaty kids (and/or partner) collapse onto the couch after a hot afternoon outdoors? Ours too. It can make things a bit, well, smelly by the time fall comes around the corner. You may think you need a fancy upholstery cleaning machine to get that stench out, but think again. Baking soda will be your new best friend (and the best hack) when it comes to refreshing your furniture. Simply brush off the surface of the couch, then sprinkle baking soda on whichever area you would like to concentrate on. Let sit for about 20 minutes before vacuuming with a brush attachment. Voila, smell-free fabric! (You can also use a sprinkle of baking soda to refresh smelly sneakers.)

Get that dishwasher gunk-free

If you have a smelly dishwasher, you are not alone. The job of getting all that greasy grime off dishes, as it turns out, is a dirty one. Take care of this appliance by giving it a good cleaning with white vinegar. First, remove the bottom rack and scrape out any gunk or food particles in the bottom of the washer. Then, fill a cup with white vinegar and place it on the top rack. Run the dishwasher through a hot water cycle (but make sure you don’t have any other dishes in the washer while running the vinegar load). Then, once you’re done, sprinkle about a cup of baking soda along the bottom of the dishwasher and run it on a short load. Doing this once a month will keep your appliance running better, longer.

Make those stainless-steel appliances sparkle

Are grimy fingerprints covering your fridge, oven, dishwasher, or sink? It’s easy to make those appliances and others shine and sparkle. First, using a microfiber cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol, wipe down the appliance. Then, use another microfiber cloth with a small amount of olive oil to give it a nice shine. 

Put your vacuum attachments to work

Use the attachments you already have to give your home an amazing wipe down. Focus on the vent covers, blinds, cabinets and other hard-to-reach places. 

Get a cleaner tub using less chemicals

We all like a nice soak in the bathtub on a chilly fall night. Try this hack next time you’re trying to get yours to shine.First, mix one cup of vinegar, a half cup of baking soda, and hot water. Pour that mixture into your bathtub (with the drain closed) and allow it to sit for five minutes. Fill the tub with more hot water, until it is about a quarter of the way full, and let sit for an additional five minutes. Then drain and rinse thoroughly.

Dust your electronics

Next time you’re doing a deep clean and dusting your electronics, leave the duster in the closet and try using a coffee filter instead. Bonus: no left-behind little fibers.

Ditch the mop and bucket

Want to get a sparkling floor without the nuisance of a sloshing bucket? Simply fill a spray bottle with a half cup of vinegar, two cups of warm water, and a squirt of dish soap. (Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil if you’d like.) Then, use a microfiber mop to wipe away any gunk or footprints.

Have we got you in the mood to clean yet? Okay, maybe it’s not your favorite thing to do with your free time. However, we hope these hacks cut your fall housekeeping in half, and give you some extra time to enjoy that fresh-smelling couch or sparkling clean bathtub on the next chilly evening!