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Birth Control Pills: Online, Easy, and Affordable

April 5, 2022

If you have a menstrual cycle and are sexually active, you’ve probably given thought to various forms of birth control. One of the most commonly used and effective methods for avoiding pregnancy is use of oral contraceptives, better known as “the pill.” These days, acquiring birth control pills is even easier, thanks to online options.

Birth control pills contain hormones that control various functions of the uterus and ovaries. They prevent pregnancy by affecting the lining of the uterus, stopping ovulation and even changing cervical discharge. Depending on the type of pill chosen, you can relegate your monthly cycle to show up every four weeks or even just a few times a year.

Online makes it easy

Thanks to the internet, birth control pills are now available to a larger group of women than ever before. Some online services offer delivery in every state, while others only have a handful in which they operate. Some may have initial, monthly, or medical consultation fees. However, this is an incredibly affordable way to help prevent pregnancy and is covered by most insurance. Even without insurance, you won’t end up paying a huge out-of-pocket fee. These companies also allow you to bypass the need for an in-person doctor’s appointment and provide you with professional medical consultation and guidance right from the comfort of your own home.

There are more companies and more buying options all the time , to the point of being overwhelming at times. To help, we’ve compiled a list of companies, far from exhaustive, to get you started.


Easy to use and a cinch to order from, Nurx is one of the best overall companies in the online birth control market. It also offers other forms of contraception, including a ring, patch, or shot. The process is simple: You request your prescription, their doctors review your health profile, you receive your medications along with automatic refills. 


This company is known for easy auto-renews and a great turnaround time. Again, you will consult with a medical professional before acquiring your contraceptives. With free shipping and a low $15 cost for three months of coverage, this is a great option for those looking to get on the pill.


With simple packaging, generic pills, and professionals available in every state to answer questions on topics ranging from mood swings to acne, Hers streamlines the online birth control-purchasing process. You can also buy a variety of sexual health products and sign up for auto-renew so you never need worry about missing a refill.

Before you buy

As with any treatment that involves hormones, there are both pros and cons to taking oral contraceptives. Many women have found the pill to be useful in preventing hormonal acne, helping with severe menstrual cramps, or heavy bleeding in addition to preventing pregnancy with a 91% success rate. Furthermore, some studies suggest that oral birth control pills help prevent certain forms of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer. 

If you suffer from high blood pressure, a history of blood clots, lupus, breast cancer, liver cancer or diabetes, speak with your doctor before going on the pill, as oral contraceptives may not be safe for you. Furthermore, oral contraceptives affect the level of estrogen in the body, so you could be at a higher risk for blood clots, especially if you smoke or are over the age of 35. Some other possible side effects include spotting between periods, nausea, headaches, and sore breasts. However, if you are healthy and have the approval of your doctor, oral contraceptives could be a great fit. 

Using online services to acquire birth control pills provides easy access to women everywhere. Whether your goals are focused on preventing cancer, acne, or hormonal swings, consistency, or family planning, with more options at your fingertips you can feel empowered to find the best fit you.

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