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Create a Snack Board to Share

October 29, 2021

November is all about kindness and giving thanks. What’s more kind than creating a snack to share? Whether it be an after-school goodies for you and your siblings, or a Thanksgiving appetizer for the entire family, snack boards are a fun and easy creation for everyone to enjoy! Here’s how to create a kid’s snack board.

What you’ll need to create a snack board:

How to create a snack board:

  1. Use the large platter or wooden board to stage your snacks. 
  1. Fill up your board with a variety of your favorite snacks. Place several bowls on your tray to hold dips and small snacks such as nuts or candies. 
  1. Now that your snack board is assembled with all your favorite treats, there’s only one thing left to do: Enjoy it with all your friends and family!

Snack boards are the perfect creation to share because they can be made using multiple snacks with something for everyone to enjoy. Not only can you share snack boards with your friends and family, but you can all work together to make them, too. So, grab a board, empty your cabinets of all your favorite nosh and have fun!