Mental Well-Being

Do You Have Your Own Back?

July 27, 2021

No one wants to think about becoming the victim of a crime, and the good news is that that chances of that happening in Hancock County are relatively low. But being prepared is never a bad idea, and these common-sense precautions can help you stay safe even in situations when you’re feeling uncertain.

Buddy up

Studies show that perpetrators fear attention and loud noise, so avoid going solo when walking at night or in empty parking garages. When you’re out with a friend, take public transportation together or park your cars next to each other and walk to them at the end of the night. If you’re at work, don’t stay late by yourself—walk out with a coworker. 

And staying in lighted areas is always a good idea. If you can walk under streetlights and through lighted corridors, choose those over darkened areas. 

Put that phone away

Be aware of your surroundings by keeping your eyes, ears, and hands open. Avoid having a deep discussion with your best friend or listening to your new podcast or favorite album, especially if you’re walking at night.

Take a self-defense class

Self-defense classes teach ways to use your body to defend yourself and how to be prepared by thinking through various what-if scenarios. If the martial arts appeal to you, learning the basics of karate, judo, and jujitsu could be fun and helpful—plus they’re all good workouts

What else?

We can be alert and aware of our surroundings, buddy up, and practice self-defense, but sometimes it helps to have a backup in the form of a personal safety device. Mace is an old standby and, although it is a trusted item for self-defense, the market is booming with new, alternative products that are dedicated to safety. 

It’s always frightening to consider a scenario when you or someone you know could become the victim of a crime. But by giving it some forethought, you’re more likely to know what to do if the situation should arise. And remember, it’s always safer to prevent an altercation than be a part of one.