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Menopause: How to Stay Calmer and (A Lot) Cooler

April 26, 2021

Feeling mad, sad, or worried and simultaneously suffering from sleeping problems, memory issues, and weight gain? Or maybe you notice the hair on your head thinning and seemingly regrowing on your face in the form of whiskers. How about hot flashes combined with, well, dry everything—skin, eyes, mouth, and (shriek) vagina? 

If you’re a woman in her late 40s or early 50s and you’ve noticed any—or, distressingly, a lot—of those symptoms, chances are you’re going through perimenopause or menopause—when menstrual cycles decrease, then stop, and the reproductive years end.

But don’t start pulling out your hair (at least not the ones on top of your head), because this process is completely natural. Your body is going through a major shift, reducing the hormones it makes (estrogen and progesterone), and that’s probably the underlying cause of the changes you’re experiencing.

There’s good news, too. The bright spot is that a lot of menopausal symptoms can be managed, if not alleviated altogether. Some solutions involve medication, which will require consulting a doctor, and others are lifestyle changes, which you can do on your own. And all of the ideas below have helped plenty of women.

No doubt, menopause and its predecessor, perimenopause, are life-changing. But they don’t have to take over your life and, if you’re not so sure about that, just remember that almost every woman makes the same transition so there’s a lot of personal experience proving the tips above can really help.