Healthcare Tips

Gateway: Your One-Stop Shop for Convenient, Affordable Health Care.

February 10, 2021

Hoosiers who live in Hancock County have access to many different paths toward wellness, including Hancock Regional Hospital, which has already proven itself to be one of the best county hospitals in Indiana. To continue its upward trajectory of offering patients the best quality of care, Hancock Health has established Gateway for outpatient needs and services.

Easy access for everyone

Gateway is Hancock Health’s one-stop wellness destination, offering convenient labs and imaging services that cost an average of 70 percent less than the same services at hospitals—and affordable immediate care, too.

We all know there are few things worse than feeling ill or having a sick family member. If you add the juggling of doctors’ appointments, pricey bills, or the confusing number of tests and screenings to the physical and emotional stress of illness, it can create even more strain. Gateway aims to take the pressure off patients by providing easy-to-access services that are both high quality and low cost.

Gateway’s immediate care offers high-tech care with customer service in mind. Whether your child has an ear infection, your family needs a flu shot, or you’re worried about a minor injury, the staff at Gateway is there to help you   with those as well as any other concerns. By offering convenient hours and a wait time tracker on their easy-to-navigate website, Gateway has managed to make quality care accessible for all, even those who work odd hours or have families in their care. Residents of Hancock County can make appointments online or walk in when necessary.

State-of-the-art, low-cost screenings

Usually CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs are not only costly but can take a while to schedule. Gateway offers state-of-the-art imaging at lower prices because they work directly with you, the consumer. Convenient scheduling also allows patients to get results faster. The same goes for chemistry screenings, diabetes screenings, immunization status tests, liver function tests, nutrition tests, sexually transmitted disease testing, thyroid screenings, and both women’s and men’s health screenings.

At a time when health is forefront in our minds, Gateway offers an easy way to ensure that you are taking care of yourself and your family. Gateway is located at 6189 W. John L. Modglin Dr. in Greenfield, less than 15 minutes from New Palestine, McCordsville, and east Indy. If you are a resident of Hancock County, make sure to take advantage of this affordable, convenient and high-quality service offered by Hancock Health today!