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Eight Steps Toward Better Communication with Your Healthcare Provider

January 5, 2021

Hey, here’s news: Women aren’t daintier than men. Obvious? Sure, but for most of modern medicine, research and training was male-focused, and the repercussions have been dramatic. Throw pervasive gender bias into the healthcare disparity stew, and you get a lot of women not receiving the care they need.

That’s not the responsibility of patients, and we’re working hard to make sure our medical professionals are sensitive to women’s needs, their unique symptoms, and changing their well-documented expectations that they won’t be heard.

Still, communication is always a two-way street, and talking with a physician can be challenging. You’re often engaged in that conversation because something hurts, you don’t feel right, or you’re worried about a physical change. Worry is a tough place to start.

You’ll get more from your appointment with some tips that help you communicate clearly and move toward understanding with your physician.

We’re always ready to listen to our patients because we know that’s the first step to delivering great care. Learn more about our exceptional women’s care and let us help you find a doctor to fit your unique needs.